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If you require specialised equipment for your production, Studio 9 Productions will ensure that you get the very best in industry standards, no matter the format.

In order to ensure a successful video production one not only requires the right crew on board but also the necessary set of tools to service & support your production. Studio 9 is your one stop go-to hiring company for the best in  video, audio and multi-cam technology. We provide an end to end solution for our customers that sets them not only ahead of their competitors but places them on the capstone of a challenging, fast paced and complex industry. 

Our Services include:

  • Studio Camera equipment (various formats available)

  • Support gear

  • Additional lighting

  • Audio equipment

  • Grips equipment

  • Etc.

*Send us your equipment wish list & we will send you a quotation for approval.


Studio 9 has partnered with one of the best Furniture & Decor specialists that understands our industry.With an enormous range of furniture and an established operational team, we supply individual items or entire set design pacakages. We tailor custom furniture packages to best suit your production.

*Send us your Props / Set Design wish list & we will send you a comprehensive quotation included in the Studio package.


We are pleased to have partnered with a Catering Company that has worked on film and television sets offering homemade, whole foods for the cast and crew who know what it means to have a long, hungry day.

Our Film & TV studio crew catering service has years of experience in providing high quality catering services to the industry.

Our Game Changing menu can be designed to accompany your crew & talent’s requirements.

We understand the demands of Film & TV productions are costly, so we ensure that we work with you and your schedules to maximize the working hours whilst providing the cast and crew with the healthiest and most imaginative meals possible.

* Please inquire for Menu Options

Interested in a studio facility where service excellence is key Give us a Call.
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