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Autocue / Teleprompter Hire

With over 20 years experience we are the most trusted Autocue / Teleprompter service provider in South Africa, specializing in video productions, corporate conferences, live entertainment, online marketing videos, video podcasts, virtual conferences, concerts, commercials and infomercials and more. Our well experienced operators will make sure your script runs smooth!!!    Call us today for teleprompter rental and services tomorrow!


On Camera Unit 1

(Bigger Broadcast camera)

Having a teleprompter on-set gives you and your production team numerous benefits. First, the device doesn’t oblige presenters to deliver their lines from memory, helping them maintain their composure in front of the camera. Hosts and news anchors can focus on being charming and professional, while consistently maintaining eye contact with their viewers or audience.

Second, with the help of a teleprompter, presenters will commit fewer mistakes and avoid using filler words while speaking. This helps shorten production time and minimize costs, as the presentation can be recorded with fewer takes.


On Camera Unit 2

(Smaller DSLR type camera)

Our telepromter systems fit directly onto your camera using robust brackets; our teleprompters can also be mounted independently off camera, on a separate tripod. This method is useful for interviews or when actors need to speak to each other with a little help.

We can mount onto jibs, peds, cranes and tracks.

Our smaller teleprompter units are perfect if you want to go handheld with the camera or use a steadicam, the small monitor can also be mounted directly above the lens of the camera using a magic arm, ideal when weight is a concern.

We use Ultra bright monitors, ideal for reading at a distance or in bright studio lighting.

Our operator brings everything on location or to the studio, sets it up, makes any script changes needed for the presenter. Easy script changes on the fly is our game!!

Autocue presedential.jpg

Staging / Presidential Systems

Presidential or podium teleprompters are so named because of the fact that they are the preferred prompting devices used by the President of the United States. They work the same way as camera-mounted systems, except that they aren’t mounted to a camera. Instead, these are standalone devices with upward-facing floor monitors, adjustable stands, and glass screens that are tilted at a slight angle and positioned at eye level, making them perfect for speaking from a podium.

Most of these prompting systems normally come in pairs so that one can be placed on either side of the speaker. Each one has a glass screen at the top, which displays mirrored text from the monitor located at the base of the stand. The screens are essentially “one-way” mirrors, so that while the speaker sees the text projected on the reflective glass surface, the audience only sees what appears to be tinted glass.

Autocue Dept.


Jo-Ann Barker

083 635 4429

Jo-ann has been servicing the industry with Autocue Solutions for over two decades. Her extensive experience cannot be ignored. Flexible, Punctual & Professional are just a few qualities you will enjoy from Jo-ann & her team amazing team.

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